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The Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital was created to provide access to low cost spay/neuter services in a variety of locations.  Not only do we offer vet services for private individuals, but we also work closely with many rescue groups located around central Arizona.

It is estimated that over 3 million dogs and cats a year are euthanized in animal shelters in the United States.  Making the decision to spay or neuter your pet can impact these alarming statistics.

We at M.A.S.H. realize that people need financial alternatives when it comes to sterilizing their pets and providing routine vet care.

Our efficiency and experience allows the M.A.S.H. team to provide a low cost solution but still maintain quality care.

We do not spay or neuter any dog or cat over 5 years of age - because of possible complications that can arise in older dogs while under anesthesia. We also recommend taking your English Bulldogs to a full service clinic for spays or neuters due to their breathing issues. 

***Please Note:  Vaccine Prices will go up as of July 14, 2014***We do dog and cat vaccines -  No appointment is necessary. You do not need to have surgery done to get shots or testing. Please arrive between 9:00 am  and 11:00 am

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Voucher Program –

Depending on where you live - Different cities and counties have a voucher program. If you live in any of these places call the phone number to see if you can get a voucher. These are only available when the program has funding. Call to check on current program status.

Maricopa County - SNAP program. Maricopa County receives a limited amount of vouchers at the beginning of each month and run out quickly. Please be sure to go down within the first day of every month to obtain your voucher.

Maricopa County Animal Control  602-506-7387 

2500 S. 27th Avenue          2630 W. 8th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85009             Mesa, AZ 85201

Apache Junction Animal Control - 480-983-4405

Pinal County Animal Control - 520-509-3555

Drop Off and Pick Up Times 

Drop off time is 7:00 am - 7:30 am - For spays and neutering. NO appointment is necessary for shot's or testing -  Just come between 9:00 am and 11 am. Please check out our calendar for dates and location. We accept CASH only at the time of pickup - Thank you.

Pick up can be anywhere from 2 hours to 8-9 hours it just depends on when your animal is spayed or neutered. We will call you 30- 45 minutes before your pet is ready to go home.

Why Spay or Neuter?

By making sure that your pet can't have puppies or kittens, you'll have peace of mind that his or her offspring won't be euthanized in an animal shelter.

Many people are surprised to learn that nationwide more than 3 million cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters. You might think that these are animals born in the streets or there is something "wrong" with them. But often they are the offspring of cherished family pets, even purebreds. Maybe someone's dog or cat got out just that one time or maybe the litter was intentional, but efforts to find enough good homes failed.  Read More

Spay and Neuter Myths and Facts

MYTH: My pet will get fat and lazy.

FACT: The truth is that most pets get fat and lazy because their owners feed them too much and don't give them enough exercise.

MYTH: It's better to have one litter first.

FACT: Medical evidence indicates just the opposite. In fact, the evidence shows that females spayed before their first heat are typically healthier. Many veterinarians now sterilize dogs and cats as young as eight weeks of age.  Read More

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