About M.A.S.H.

M.A.S.H. MobileThe Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital was started by Dr. Julia (Trina) Neufeld in 2004 as the first veterinary owned low cost mobile spay/neuter clinic in Arizona.  We have been responsible for sterilizing over 7,000 animals a year. MASH has partnered with Maricopa and Pinal County Animal Controls and the City of Apache Junction in working toward reducing the number of unwanted pets by offering quality spay and neuter services at affordable prices for responsible pet owners.
 Our staff consists of Dr. Julia Neufeld , a 1989 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Medical School.  From 1989 to 1997 she was employed in private small animal practices in California and Wisconsin.  Since 1998, Dr. Neufeld has specialized in high volume spay and neuter surgeries becoming one of the top spay/neuter surgeons in the country.  Her family consists of her twin daughters, Paige and Jenna, their Jack Russell, Sophie, their whippet, Izzy, their two cats, Phoebe and Jett and several horses.

Dr. Heather Douglas is a 1996 graduate of Colorado State University, School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.  She has been with MASH since 2005. Prior to that Dr. Douglas was employed in a small animal practice.  She has three dogs (Riley, a Golden Retriever; Cassie, a Border Collie; and Dottie, also a Border Collie). Dr Douglas also shares her home with her two cats, Peter and Brooke.

M.A.S.H. MobileIn 2006 Tracey Fisher Nelson joined the MASH staff. Joining MASH has enabled Tracey to combine 20 years of office experience with her passion for animals and dedication to reducing the pet population.   Her family consists of her husband, Jon, three daughters (Erin, Miranda, and Lexie), three dogs (Misha, a Rat Terrier; Cookie, a Boston Terrier; and Grissom, a pug) and lots of temporary four legged foster kids. In 2008, Tracey helped found Desert Paws Rescue.

Jen Kenney trained at a veterinary specialty /emergency hospital. She was a medical director for a rescue organization for 1½ years and she worked in several small animal practices before joining  MASH  in 2008.  Since 1996, Jen has opened her home to provide a sanctuary for special needs dogs and cats. Since 2005, she has been devoted to local rescue and in 2009 established her own rescue group, Little Rascal’s Rescue.  Her family consists of her husband Ryan, four dogs (George, the Mastiff; Schwilly, a Rhodesian mix; two Chihuahuas, Merlin and Tink) and her 10 cats (Phoebe, Candy, Katie, Zen, Mort, Stewey, Peter, Dex, Herbie and Trinka).



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