Booking Tips

Appointment Booking Tips -                                                                   

 Make sure to choose "3" available dates.

Please make sure to fill out all fields in the appointment request -        

 Especially email address and phone number.                                                           

                          No appointment necessary for shots/testing/microchipping -                                              Please arrive between 9:00 am- 11:00am

1. Please do not request an appointment date that is already full. This will result in delay and may cause loss of the next available date. Requests for appointments without dates cannot be booked.

2. Do not book appointments for pets that are ill or have health problems. Doing so may be detrimental to your pet and others.

Please obtain prior approval before booking a pet with a health problem.

Thank You !


Contagious appearing pets (some examples - coughing or sneezing, pets with eye or nasal discharge or ringworm) can be sent home to avoid exposure to other animals.

3. PLEASE cancel your appointment in advance if you are unable to keep it. Un-cancelled appointments will result in fewer surgeries and price increases.

4. To expedite the check-in process, print out a consent form and have it filled out and signed when you arrive.



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